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been gone for awhile…

by on Mar.05, 2008, under General

Wow, has it really been since last October when I updated this thing? that’s bad, even for me!

I’ve actually had a bunch of things keeping me occupied (mostly non-pinup or girl art related, so that’s why I never bothered posting about them)…plus I’ll always prefer to draw than type. but I’ll talk about them now…

I’ve been doing some video game concept art recently which has been a blast. for a short time I was actually thinking about getting back into the games industry (those that have been around for awhile may remember I used to work as an animator/modeler/texture artist for a game company here in Orlando for quite a few years.). I even spent time putting a proper concept artist portfolio together…but I realized I was quite content to just work as a concept artist some of the time, not for a full time position at the moment, so I put that portfolio on hold. (I’ve posted a couple of them here and there in the galleries)

Then I thought I’d like to try my hand at tattooing(!) but that one kinda ran out of steam rather quickly. I think I’d rather just look at and draw girls with tattoos, rather than putting the tattoos on them. at least for now, who’s to say I won’t change my mind again! ;) I have chatted with a few different tattoo artists and I’m still fascinated by the whole process, so I’d love to learn it when/if the opportunity ever arrives.

Which leads me to where I am now. Some of you may have noticed I’ve been adding some caricature pics to the ‘Junk Drawer’ gallery. Caricature art is something I’ve been getting more and more interested in for the past year or so, and finally decided I’d like to do more with it. So I’ve taken a job at Walt Disney World as a caricature artist. Seems like the best place to get on the job training :) . And it’s the closest thing I’ve found to a comic con ‘job’. Getting to draw and chat with people while I’m working, what could be better? (I think being stuck in my home office for so long has made me miss the outside world :) .)

I also started on a new artbook for this year, but I’m not sure when it’ll be ready (if at all). I’ve changed ideas on it about 4 or 12 times already (as to what to include). Plus all the planning that goes into cons is a pain for someone as disorganized as me. and if I do another book, that means a ton more cons I need to travel to to sell it. :) We’ll see what happens on that front.

On the comic front…I just had a cover published by Zenescope for their comic ‘Grimm Fairy Tales’ #23. It was their variant “WonderCon” exclusive. I may do more for them in the future, we’ll see. (I just posted it in the ‘Girls’ gallery, so check it out :) )

I’m hoping to update the site soon, and maybe break into different themes, pinup girls, caricature, concept art, etc. (I’ll need Maggie’s help on that thought *cough* *cough* ;) ).

I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but awhile back I had to take down the comments people could leave on the images in the galleries. There was just too much spam being posted on them. I really enjoyed hearing what people thought about things, but I ended up having to delete a buch of comments every day and it was taking just too long. so hopefully when there’s a site update (*cough* maggie *cough*) I can turn the comments back on. :)

and speaking of cons….I’ll be at MEGACON here in Orlando this weekend. March 7-9. I’ll be sitting with fellow artist Amano Jyaku (who does terrific work). We’ll be in the ‘White’ section of artist’s alley, Table 17. so come visit and see my new look! (actually, to conform to the Disney rules, I had to shave my goatee! Apparently I seem much friendlier these days, and I don’t scare kids away from me now :) )

Thanks for everyone’s continued support of my work while I’ve been away, and I’ll try to get back to posting more regularly.


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by on Oct.15, 2007, under General

Haven’t updated in a bit…so figured I’d take a moment.

This weekend I’ll be at my first Art Fair here in Orlando (on Sunday Oct. 21 at Lake Eola in Orlando). Which should be interesting. I’ll have a tent (thanks to my in-laws for sharing) and a bunch of original paintings I haven’t shown off yet. We’ll see how it goes, so if you’re local stop by.

Some of you know I used to work in video games for quite a while…but ditched most of that work a few years ago to devote most of my time to drawing girls. Devoted to my faithful drawings like a monk. except I don’t wear a robe. and I guess monks aren’t supposed to think about girls. Ok, so not like a monk at all. But I’m still devoted to my ‘faith’ :) . Tangent aside, last week game company Valve released their newest game package, ‘the Orange box’. Which included the continuation of the Half-Life series, as well as a few other brilliant games like Portal and Team Fortress 2 (which has some of the best art direction I’ve ever seen in a game..and it’s a blast to play too!). Some people are fan-boys for comics or artists or tv shows…this is what I’m a fanboy for. The first Half Life game is what got me interested in making video games instead of pursuing animation for film and tv. So if anyone ever wants to get put to the top of a sketch list at a con, ask for a sketch of one of the characters from that game ;) .

Speaking of cons, it looks like I won’t be going to Texas for the Wizard World show in November. I decided to take a break from traveling around the country for now. Sorry!


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Update to yesterday’s post

by on Sep.13, 2007, under General

Two things…

1.) Apparently it’s not quite time for a break just yet. I’ll be doing a store appearance/signing on Wednesday, Sept. 19th at Bad Apple Comics in Leesburg, FL. I’ll be there from 4pm til 7pm. doing sketches, showing off some new stuff, selling books or just sitting around reading comics. depends how busy it is I guess ;) . Also one of the guys from the show ‘Who wants to be a Superhero’ will be there. ‘Parthanon’ is his name. I’ve never seent he show, but he’s probably never seen my books, so we’re even ;) . Actually it should be a lot of fun, so stop by the store. The Lake Square Mall. Located at 10401 US HWY 441 Unit 404, Leesburg, FL 34788. Or check out their Myspace page:
Bad Apple Comics

2.) after a brief ‘discussion’ with my wife…apparently I’m *not* in the market for an intern. cute or otherwise. :o uch:


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Time for a break

by on Sep.12, 2007, under General

Thanks to everyone that stopped by in Baltimore, it was a great show again (last year being my first time there). Did a lot of sketches, people picked up a lot of the books…even though there were a ton of famous comic guests and artist alley guys and gals. I’m always flattered that a lot of folks make time to find me :) . Met a lot of great new people too.

Now that Baltimore’s over though, no more shows for a bit. Still haven’t made up my mind on Wizard World Texas or maybe the Big Apple c0n in NY. But I’ve had enough flying for a bit and dealing with all the headaches that come from traveling. :) (Like all the planning that’s needed before a show, from the flights and hotels to the show registration…too much to keep track of for my brain. One of these days I’ll have to get an intern to take care of that stuff. So feel free to tell your friends to start sending in resumes… and pictures if they’re cute!).

I’m also thinking about completely changing around the galleries and website one of these days. some of the pieces on there are really old :) it’s been almost 4 years now. So hopefully that’ll be coming along soon. That’s up to Maggie (the booth babe from a couple years ago, remember?) if she wants to help ;) *hint hint*

ok, back to painting…


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Baltimore Dragons

by on Sep.06, 2007, under General

Got back from DragonCon earlier this week, but was too worn out to write up a nice report about the show. Suffice to say, it was an amazing show! Thanks to everyone that stopped by my table. And thanks to everyone that showed up for the Pinup Art panel. That was a lot of fun…even if my public speaking skills weren’t up to snuff :) . Hopefully everyone enjoyed what Scott Rorie and I had to say. The crowd at this show was perfect…everyone seemed interested in talking about art or painting. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to the show :) . Also picked up a couple books…one was The Art of Tara McPherson (great book design), Sidekicks (Image comics, by Paul Jenkins and Chris Moreno…funny as hell with great art), and Sketchi (artbook by Charles Allen Harris). I think I got some other stuff too, but these were sitting right here infront of me :) .

I was also amazed at all the cool costumes. As someone that can’t put together anything (once it leaves the 2d world, it becomes a disaster in my hands), I was impressed by a lot of the work people put into their costumes. lots of great reference for me too ;) . Looking forward to next already. The only downside…being seated directly under the air conditioning vent. my teeth were chattering by the end of each day.

Getting ready to head out once again, this time to the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend. Last year was my first time there, and it was one of my favorite shows of last year. I’ll be at table 52 in Artist’s Alley, so hopefully it shoudn’t be too hard to find me to say Hi. :) Hope to see some of you there!


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Back and gone again (almost)

by on Aug.28, 2007, under General

Thanks to everyone that showed up to the Toronto show. It was quite a nice experience. I also got to see a bit of Toronto, thanks to my cousin Jaime for showing me around. Lovely city, I already miss it.

And now that I’m just about unpacked…it’s time to pack up again for Dragon*Con! After an aborted attempt to go there last year, this year looks like the real deal :) . I’ll be in their Artists Alley. Which is in the Hilton hotel, in the dealers hall. I’m told I’m Table #8. So try and find me. especially if you’re a cute cosplay girl in a revealing outfit. :)

Also, on Saturday (Sept. 1st) I’ll be on a panel about PinUp art called ‘Pinup Art – why a resurgence?’ and here’s the description they gave me… ‘Enjoy those Betty Page Pin-ups? Why are they suddenly back in the spotlight? Join these pin-up artists and get some answers.’ It’s @ 2:30pm in the Hanover G room at the Hyatt hotel. This’ll be my first time taking part in a panel, so hopefully I won’t embarrass myself too much. (As public speaking has always been something I’ve avoided since grade school.) :) Maybe I can use the old ‘picture the audience in the underwear’ trick. Of course if there’s any cute girls in the audience I’ll be too distracted to talk…*sigh*. anyway, I hope to see some of you there. :)


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The great white north?

by on Aug.22, 2007, under General

Ok, so Toronto’s not that far north…but it’s quite a haul from Orlando. And that’s where I’ll be this weekend. at the 2007 Toronto Comic Expo. Never having been to Toronto before, I’m looking forward to it. Plus I get to use my passport again…ok, not really a plus. but at least it justifies the hassle I went thru earlier this year to get one (even if I don’t officially need it to go to Canada now…)

After I get back from Canada the following weekend is Dragon*Con. So I hope to see some of you there if you’re not going to Toronto. and if you’re not going to either, then the following weekend I’ll be in Baltimore for their comic con! Sheesh! and I think that’ll be enough traveling for me for the rest of the year. (unless I decide to go to Texas for their Wizard world show).

and completely unrelated…I’m totally addicted to Ninja Warrior :grin: If you have G4, they air it a few times a day. I normally don’t follow much on tv these days…because my kids demand either Nickelodeon or Disney Channel be on all the time :yuck:. but we all stop to watch Ninja Warrior. :) If you haven’t seen the show, it’s basically just a timed obstacle course…from hell. But the fun part is obviously watching the people wipe out on the obstacles :twisted: . Plus there’s lots of cute asian girls that compete which are fun to watch…until they wipe out :wink:

so if you see ninja related art (or even cute asian girls) showing up in the galleries soon, that’s why :) .


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Chicago wrap up

by on Aug.14, 2007, under General

Back from Chicago and getting over a cold I picked up at the show. ugh.

The show was the usual Wizard fare…lots of noise :) . Thanks to everyone that stopped by. And thanks to all the other artists that stopped by my table to chat. I did get up and walk around a bit on Sunday when I sold out of all the books I brought. I was surprised to see how huge artists alley was. There were soooo many other artists there…I’m humbled that so many people stopped by my table and picked up my books and prints and sketches. Thanks again folks! (And thanks to Leonard and Amano for a nice dinner on Saturday night)

Unfortunately when I got back from the show I also found out about the passing of comic artist Mike Wieringo. I had been a fan of his since his work on The Flash in the early 90′s. He was a terrific artist and an even nicer person. He was only 44. Very sad news.
He always posted his daily sketches on his blog, and last year I had started coloring one them and never got around to finishing it. I’ll try to get it finished up this week.

(Those receiving email updates to the blog click the link in the email to see the art)


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Headed to the windy city

by on Aug.09, 2007, under General

I’ll be at Wizard World Chicago this weekend. Hope to see some of you there :)

well, my artistic ADD has struck again. This week I’ve decided to try caricatures…something I’ve never thought about before. Anyway, here’s one :)

(It’s also posted in my ‘Junk Drawer’ Gallery on the main page. )

ok, gotta go pack now.


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Good news/bad news

by on Jul.18, 2007, under General

just a quick update…I won’t be at Comic-Con in San Diego next week. Had to cancel my plans for a variety of reasons. Sorry!

In August I’ll be in Chicago (Wizard World), Toronto (Comic Expo) and DragonCon in Atlanta. Those all came up this past week, so I don’t think I’ve been added to the guests lists on their websites yet, but they told me I’ll have tables :) . So hopefully I’ll see some of you there :)


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